Spreading “Engagement News” to your Family and Friends

Congratulations to all the newly engaged over Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, etc.!   Many couples are just beginning to plan their wedding; the majority will probably be planning for 2014 and beyond, so I thought a great point to begin our blog is focusing on a yearly timeline of WEDDING PLANNING!

When planning a wedding, it is extremely important (for sanity especially!) to stay organized and do NOT overwhelm yourself with a thousand tiny details all at once!    I realize it is so exciting to start the process of planning, but take it one step at a time!

I’ve decided to focus today’s blog at the very beginning of the planning process and on an idea for “Spreading the News” to your family and friends!

In this era of technology, we know it is very difficult to resist an immediate mass text, email, Facebook status change, or Twitter update to share this amazing news of your engagement; but if you can resist shouting from the rooftops, you can choose to set aside the mass communication and find a creative, fun way to share the news with your family and closest friends!

A Movie Poster – Engaged Couple as the STARS!

What a fun way to announce your engagement – invite your family and friends over for some cocktails/appetizers (or dinner if you’d prefer!).   Then, prior to eating, have an “UNVEILING” of your created poster!   Recycle the poster by displaying at your wedding rehearsal or even your wedding, and of course, you have a lifelong keepsake as well! (Take it one step further – and use a postcard version for your save the dates – perhaps, a Hollywood Theme 🙂  Of course, after sharing the news with those most important, post the pics on your social media site to then share with the world! (make sure to check copyrights if purchasing from a web source or using a photographer!)

Check out these options on Etsy by Photocouture2

il_570xN.248194167 il_570xN.427126644_gjj0 il_570xN.427127315_ijh5

Want to customize your own, check out these websites –

Big Huge Labs

PhotoShop Instructions via WEGRAPHICS

Fake Movie Posters

Need additional help and ideas for planning your EPIC EVENT in Pittsburgh, PA, check out Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney for wedding/event packages!


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