Spreading “Engagement News” to your Family and Friends, Part Two

Continuing my previous post regarding creative ways to announce your engagement to family, friends, and the rest of the world…
Opt out of the typical ring photo (not that it isn’t an option – one that I’ve used, but our technology driven society yearns for more these days!) posted on all social media sites, and instead, go VIRAL!  No better, trendy way to spread the news than by creating a short YouTube video announcing your engagement!

Suggestions for the video –
1. Keep it short and sweet (approximately 2-3 minutes)
2. Create a parody of your actual engagement
3. Create a song (can even tell the story of how you fell in love and then how you got engaged)
4. Choreograph a dance with your partner – sharing at some point that you are engaged
5. Photo Montage Video – if you have many photos of the actual engagement, set the photos to song and share the memory

Samples found on YouTube – various styles but all creative and fun!

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