Pittsburgh Newspaper Engagement Announcements

To complete the “Spreading the News” section of this blog, I will pass on some go to information for placing your engagement announcement in your local newspaper, which is obviously the most traditional way of sharing this wonderful news!

Information to include in your Engagement Announcement:
Bride’s Name/Groom’s Name (where originally from)
Bride’s Parents
Groom’s Parents
Bride and Groom’s Current Place of Residence and Employment
Bride and Groom’s educational background
Wedding Date/Location
Reception Location (can list the city if preferred or if location is undetermined).
Bride’s Attendants
Groom’s Attendants
Honeymoon Location
Additional Important Details
(All above information is optional, so you can include the items you prefer)
Photo (May want to use a picture from engagement session with photographer, but be sure you are given permission)

Etiquette Note: Traditionally, each set of parents is responsible for paying for an announcement in their hometown newspaper.

There are two well-known Pittsburgh newspapers circulating, which are the Pittsburgh Post Gazette as well as the Tribune-Review (the Trib-live online also includes surrounding county newspapers connected with the Tribune Review).

Post Gazette Engagement Form

Post Gazette Instructions

Pittsburgh Trib-Live Online includes the following Newspapers:
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
PTR eTRIB Digital Replica
Blairsville Dispatch
Daily Courier
Valley Independent
Valley News Dispatch
Leader Times
McKeesport Daily News

And also the Your Town Newspapers:

See each individual paper at Trib-Live for details regarding engagement announcements.

Other County Papers (not associated with Trib-Live):

Beaver County Times

Butler Eagle for Butler County

Price varies with each Newspaper

If you’re interested in having an event “that will make history” see Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney to see package and pricing details!

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