Choosing Your Wedding Date

Things to consider when choosing your WEDDING DATE:  

1. SEASON – Although the summer season may seem to be the most popular for weddings, many other seasons are now being chosen.   The fall season is growing more and more popular for many bride and grooms – choosing a time of year when the outdoors are colorful, and the weather may still be warm.   Spring weddings (especially in the month of May) aren’t seen as often, most likely due to the fear of rain.

Interesting fact – in the Pittsburgh area, The Weather Channel statistics show that it actually rains more in the summer season than the spring!  But, this is Pittsburgh, so the spring season could also include snow!

In the end, think to yourself, if you’re not having an outdoor wedding, how much will weather really play a role in your wedding? 

WINTER WEDDING MONEY-SAVER: many venues offer discounts for winter weddings.  Some venues may even have a specialized package specially designed for the winter season. 

2.  THEME/DESIGN –  Obviously, if you would like seasonal decor to be a part of your big day, the date will make a difference, but just because you’ve chosen a specific season, it doesn’t mean you have to decorate for that season.  NOTE – Be aware that certain flowers are in bloom during certain seasons (or, you may be paying more for your flowers to be shipped in).  

3.  WEDDING DRESS – Some woman may have a specific style of wedding dress in mind, which could affect your wedding day.  In fact, your entire theme/design may be centered around your wedding dress.  If this is the case, although it sounds odd, you may want to consider purchasing your wedding dress first.   This way, if you found the perfect dress that fits a different date than you were thinking, it could affect your decision. 

4.  COMPETING WITH OTHERS – If you do decide to choose a summer month, expect that you will need AT LEAST one year in advance to assure a church/ceremony location and reception location.  These months are booked well in advance. (Some brides plan even up to 2-3 years in advance!)

Not only will you be competing with other brides/grooms, but you also have to remember that your guests may be invited to several weddings during the most popular seasons; therefore, your guest turnout may not be as many as you’d like. 


Catholic Weddings – In most Catholic churches, weddings aren’t to be performed during the Lenten season (46 days prior to Easter Sunday) due to the focus on the celebration of the Resurrection and time of study and prayer.   If you’d like to choose a Lenten season date, ask your priest if he will make an exception.   

Jewish Weddings – Jewish Wedding Network states, “Traditionally, Jewish weddings are not to fall on Shabbat (Friday night after sundown to Saturday night after sundown) and as well as the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot. Additionally, most Rabbi’s will not perform Jewish weddings that fall on the fast days Tisha B’Av, the 10th of Tevet, the 17th of Tammuz, the Fast of Gedaliah, and the Fast of Esther.  Jewish weddings are not generally held during the counting of the omer (which lies between Passover and Shavuot) or during the three weeks between the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av, however there are differences in customs and some Rabbis will perform weddings on Lag Ba’Omer and certain days in between.”  (Refer to to review the Jewish calendar)

Other Religions may also have restrictions, so be sure that you are aware prior to choosing a date.

PITTSBURGH NOTE – Most Catholic Churches in Pittsburgh offer very few dates to non-parishioners, if they offer any at all.  Expect that you will most likely have to be a member of the church for at least 6 months to a year.   Also, the majority of Catholic priests in Pittsburgh will not perform ceremonies at other churches, nor will many let outside priests come into the church.   Every church is different, but this is the average – ALWAYS FIND YOUR CHURCH FIRST – THEN BOOK YOUR RECEPTION!  

Check out the Pittsburgh Catholic Wedding Guide to assist you! 

6. HONEYMOON – I always encourage my clients to be sure they have a honeymoon planned; if not directly after the wedding, at least have the honeymoon booked for a later date.  Those who choose not to go on a honeymoon, whether it be because of work or financial issues,  will most likely end up NEVER going because there is always a reason .   GO ON A HONEYMOON! 

TIP – If going on honeymoon between March and June, many Caribbean locations are more expensive because this is prime season.  (No hurricanes!)

NEVER SEND A SAVE THE DATE UNTIL YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY BOOKED YOUR CHURCH AND RECEPTION LOCATION!    You may have a date in mind, but be unable to get the locations you want on that date!  

Call your Epic Event Planning Consultant to help you with this process! 


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