Choosing the TIME of Day for your Wedding

     Afternoon weddings are currently the most popular.  Most people choose to have the wedding ceremony between 2 and 4 p.m.   This gives an ample amount of time for the wedding party to get ready.  

     Receptions are normally 4-5 hours long.  If you are having the wedding at 2 p.m. and begin your reception by 4 p.m., then the wedding may be over by 9 p.m.  If your wedding does end early, considering choosing a hotel block that has a nearby bar or bar within the hotel for enjoyment after hours (the goal would be that no one has to drive!).  

CONSIDER THESE QUESTIONS – Do you want your festivities to end by 9 or 10?  Is it very inconvenient for the guests if you hold your ceremony at 2 p.m. but then wait to begin your reception until later in the evening?   If you prefer to do this – Where will your guests go between the ceremony and reception?   (NOTE  – In this case, it is likely many of your guests will not come to the ceremony but will show up for the reception.)  If your choice is to have an evening reception, then choose a ceremony time that is later in the afternoon (4 or 5 p.m.).  

            Evening weddings (after dinner) could save you money in some aspects, but do not think having a “Cocktail and Hors D’oeuvres” reception will save you money.  In many situations, these packages are just as expensive as purchasing a meal for your guests.  

TO AVOID MAKING GUESTS WAIT A LONG TIME IN BETWEEN THE CEREMONY AND RECEPTION – have bride and groom photos, bridal party separately, and groom/groomsmen separately all done prior to the ceremony.   This will leave formal shots for family and the full wedding party for after the ceremony and will reduce the waiting period.  But, of course, if the bride and groom would still prefer to wait until the ceremony to see each other, you can still save this for after the ceremony.  REMEMBER – the more you get done prior to the ceremony, the more time for FUN after!!! 

Religious Weddings –  Some brides and grooms may not have an option because some churches only offer 1 time slot for the wedding; therefore, you must work with what you are given. 

MONEY-SAVER: Morning wedding receptions are substantially less expensive than afternoon/evening wedding receptions.  Offering a “brunch” or “breakfast” menu is less costly than the other meals.   But, at the same time, the reception will most likely be over in the early afternoon.  If choosing to have a morning wedding, you may consider choosing a venue for the reception that is a full day rental or having a more personalized, casual reception at a home, park, etc.    This way, the festivities could last throughout the entire day.  

To Complicated to Think of All of this Decision-Making?!  Call Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney – let us consider all of the options and help you decide what is best for you! 


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