Choosing a Wedding Dress

Dum…da..da da!  You’ve been hearing that wedding processional music in your mind for years!  The question is – what will you be wearing!    Some women know exactly what they want while others may have no clue.   Even if you think you know, be willing to try on all types of dresses.  Many dresses may look better on you than the hanger.   Once you find a shape that fits you just right, choose to try on only those styles.  That dream of a princess gown may be gone when see how beautifully the mermaid style fits you!

TIP: Be open-minded!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is one of the most important days of your life.   Be willing to spend some money on your dress rather than buying that cheap white dress you found on a sale rack.   If you are overly concerned about the budget, explore consignment stores and one-day deals at chain bridal shops.   Wedding dresses can be affordable!

Gown Styles

There are a variety of styles when it comes to choosing a wedding gown – A-Line, Empire/Slipdress, Column, Ball Gown, or Mermaid.   You’ll never truly know which will look best on your body type until you try them on. (Check out this link that shows wedding gown styles –

Picture 2

(Figure above found at –

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Gown

ÿ  The wedding date or season could determine the length or material of the dress

ÿ  Find your dress before you choose a theme – your dress may actually determine the theme of the wedding

ÿ  Will you need a jacket/cover-Up

ÿ  Purchase at least 6-8 months in advance due to shipping time periods

ÿ  Do NOT buy a smaller dress than your body size– you can always have the dress taken in.  (Yes, your plan may be to lose wedding by the wedding day, but be realistic.  Get your actual size.)

ÿ  Make sure you are comfortable to walk, dance, and eat in your dress


ÿ  First alteration should be done at least 2-3 months in advance (there may be 2-3 appointments following)

ÿ  Speak-Up:  it is your wedding day – your dress should be exactly how you would like

ÿ  Determine if you want an “over the top” bustle or “under the dress” bustle

ÿ  Be sure to have a friend/parent with you at the fitting – unless they are going to be critical


A veil and blusher (front veil) that masks the beauty of a bride until that moment when she is revealed to the groom is a wedding tradition, but many women choose to eliminate the veil or wear a veil but not a blusher.   There is no set way of doing things – do what you feel is comfortable.

Veil Length – when determining the length of your veil, be sure to consider the wedding dress.  If the dress has a lot of detail work (beading, etc.), you may want to get a shorter veil.  If the dress is plain, you may want to purchase a cathedral veil with beading and details.   See figure below that shows veil lengths.

Picture 1

(Figure from

Blusher – When determining whether you’d like to wear a blusher, consider the hairstyle that you would like.  All blushers may not coordinate properly with a hairstyle.    If unsure, purchase a blusher (normally only about $20) and take to your hair trial (always take your veil, too).  This way, you can purposely choose a hairstyle that works with the blusher or decide not to use the blusher.

TIP: Have the veil steamed at least 2 weeks in advance.  Then, keep the veil hung (outside of the bag) until wedding day.


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