Choosing Your Bridal Accessories


Jewelry – When choosing jewelry, consider the style of the gown.  If your dress is plain, then you may want to add sparkle with larger earrings, necklace, and a bracelet.  If your dress is filled with detail, you may want to add a simple yet elegant look of pearls or small diamonds for earrings, a drop diamond for a necklace, and a thin diamond bracelet.  

MONEY-SAVER: Ask family members (like your grandmother, mother, aunts, etc.) if they have their wedding jewelry saved or any other heirlooms you could wear.   This adds sentiment to the big day and makes your family members feel like they are special.  

Purse –  Yes, you may need tissues, make-up, and more on your wedding day, but shoving everything into a 5 lb. purse isn’t going to look pretty next to your wedding dress.   As a bride, you are the shining star, so your maid of honor should be happy to carry your purse or carry the items you may need in her purse.  

Shoes – Shoes are an extremely important element in the wedding.  You will be out and about for hours upon hours.   I know it is very enticing to get those 4 inch spikes, but instead, get a shorter heel with a shoe that is comfortable. Many brides would rather change into flip-flops or ballet slippers during the reception, but I suggest keeping on those lovely (and probably expensive) shoes throughout the entire evening.   TIP – Practice! Practice! Practice!   Practice walking in your shoes to break them in.  The last thing you want is a massive blister by the end of the ceremony. 


Hairpiece – Depending on your choice of wearing a veil or not, you may want to purchase a hairpiece to accentuate your theme.  This will depend on your hairstyle.  Casual looks and long hair-dos seem to be the most popular choices today rather than those old prom styles of high up with tight curls.   Examine your choices by looking at images on the internet and in magazines.   When you go to your trial hair appointment, take the pictures to inspire your hair dresser.  



Photo Courtesy of  Palermo Photo

Check out these sites for a variety of hairpiece options – 

David’s Bridal

Light in the Box

Or have your hairpiece CUSTOM-MADE at Cora’s Headbandz (Location North of Pittsburgh but will ship to you!)


Garter – 1….2….3….and the garter is tossed!   This tradition that is dreaded by most men due to the fact that their girlfriends are pressuring them for that diamond!   A garter toss is a fun element to add to the wedding.   A garter passed down from mom could be a great, money-saving choice.   Many garters come in pairs.  You are to keep the larger garter (in width) but throw the smaller garter during the toss. 

Bridesmaids’ Accessories – As for your bridesmaids’ accessories, try not to be too picky.  These women will most likely go out of their way to help you get ready for the big day.   Forcing them to buy jewelry in addition to the dress, bridal shower, and bachelorette party, could be a little too much!   If you want them to wear identical jewelry, you may think about purchasing the jewelry as gifts for the bridal party.   Otherwise, asking the bridesmaids to wear all silver or gold jewelry will suffice.   

Adding to the bridal gown or bridesmaids’ gowns – Currently trending the bridal scene, is adding colorful or glittering elements to a bride’s or bridesmaids’ gown, such as a sash or brooch.  Buying a brooch from a bridal store can be very expensive, so there are many wholesale online sites that sell different styles and colors of brooches.  These are also a great gift for your bridal party! 

Check out these sites for wholesale brooches – 

Fabulous Brooches

Wedding Factory Direct 


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