The Tuxedo or Suit

Tuxedos are often the popular choice for a groom, but in recent years, many men have chosen a more casual look by wearing a suit.  Obviously, the style of the wedding would affect the right choice of attire for the groom.   Elegance would be better represented by the tuxedo of course, while a suit would clearly display a casual ideal: for example, beach weddings are perfect for a khaki-colored, linen suit while brown suits are very popular for fall and summer weddings.




Photo Found at Linen Clothes for Men

Luckily for men (we know that the majority procrastinate!), tuxedos can be rented 2-3 months prior to the wedding. A tuxedo shop will need men’s measurements, so the groomsmen may have to go into the tuxedo shop or call in their measurements.  A bride and groom should determine the choice of tuxedo at least 5-6 months in advance for preparation’s sake – the theme and design of the wedding may be affected by these choices.

If purchasing a suit, it could be more complicated to let each person go individually.  The groom may choose to collect sizes and order the suit.    Then, individuals can have the suit tailored on their own.   Another idea is to give the groomsmen the option of wearing any “black” suit.   BEWARE, that depending on the material, there are many shades of blacks, blues, etc.   TIP: Brides should remind the groom often to keep track of their groomsmen.  Men most likely will wait till the last possible minute, so they need a push now and then.

MONEY-SAVER: Many chain Tuxedo shops will offer a “FREE” tuxedo after a few are already rented.   Visit local shops in your area to see if any are offering this deal.  In the end, the Groom’s tux and all accessories could be FREE!

Pittsburgh Tuxedo or Suit Shop Option: 

Tuxedo Junction

Men’s Wearhouse

JoS. A. Bank

Top Hat Formal 

Top Hat Tuxedo 

First Class Tuxedo 

Modern Tux


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