Should You Choose a Wedding Theme?


(Green/Purple “Young Love” Theme)

Photo by Pamela Marie Photography

A bride imagines her “I-Dos” during childhood and has a specific vision of her dream wedding.  Unfortunately, the bubble bursts when determining a budget.  There are many ways to develop the “look” you want at reasonable prices, but first you want to decide on the theme and design you’d like to incorporate.   Do you want your wedding to be very traditional or extremely elegant?   Has your dream always been to have an outdoor wedding surrounded by nature or a wedding on the beach with sand in your toes? Perhaps, you’d like to have a wedding around a holiday (such as Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day) or plan a wedding specific to a season.

BE CONSISTENT! – Have you ever been to a wedding that was so random that you weren’t even sure what the design intentions were?   The invitations were different colors than the bridesmaids’ dresses and linens; the flowers are casual while the wedding is elegant, etc. Whether choosing one of the above, or deciding on an exact theme of your wedding (the “Green” wedding, Old Hollywood, Country Western, the Perfect Pear, etc.), you should be consistent with the theme and design through all aspects of the wedding including invitations, favors, place and table cards, cake, dresses/tuxes, etc.    Just because you found a “good deal” on bright pink invitations doesn’t mean you should use them for your fall-themed wedding.   People will notice!  Plus, when you put together that shadow box of memorabilia or scrapbook, things will be mismatched.    Keep looking for budget-saving ideas that go with the theme you’ve chosen.   TIP: Stick to one design/theme element rather than trying to incorporate several.  Choose your favorite.

(Or, do as I intend, and if you couldn’t decide on a theme, renew your vows every ten years – and use another theme that you loved!)

Colors and Accents

            There are many websites designed to show you different mix and match colors combinations that may be perfect for your wedding.   Explore the images available to help you decide your favorite look.

 20 Popular Color Combinations






light pink/brown










light pink/bright pink





Here are some great articles regarding wedding colors – 

Better Home and Gardens: “18 Perfect Wedding Color Combinations”

Pinterest: Hottest Trending Color – MINT

Theme/Design Examples from Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney to come in the next blogs!  Follow our blog for great wedding theme/design ideas!


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