Glow Into Your Sweet 16!

Glow Into Your Sweet 16 Inspiration Board

When asked recently to present at a middle school career day, I thought (being that I was a teacher for 6 years), “what would really get the students involved rather than just watch me chat for 30 minutes?” Plan a party for them! These middle schools were ready and raring to start planning there Sweet 16 Birthday Bash!

While brainstorming with the students, overall consensus (of four different groups) was that the “Glow in the Dark” Party is by far the best idea for their future Sweet 16! (of course – you can easily apply this party to any age group, but the teenagers may especially enjoy the theme!)

No better way to invite your guests to your Glow in the Dark Party than a Glow in the Dark Invitation!  There are a variety of options that can be found via the internet, but Zazzle has some great choices!   zazzle glow in the dark invite

(Above invitation found at ZAZZLE)

Not only are balloons a cheap and easy way to add décor to your party, but they would be a great option for creating a pathway leading your guests to the party.  Use Glow Sticks (very cheap – can get packages of 12 for $1 at Michael’s or check your local Dollar Tree)  inside of neon balloons while of course using helium to be sure your balloons are floating (regular latex balloons only last for 12 hours, so don’t blow these up too early in the day.  Line the walkway with these balloons, which will GLOW the way for your guests!   Then, inside the party – cover the ceilings with these balloons and the floors (non-helium).  The more the merrier – even older kids love to play with balloons – and they will make for great pictures!


(Photo found at Remodelaholic)

Tables can be adorned with neon plastic tablecloths decorated with glow in the dark stickers or splashed with glow in the dark paint.  Centerpieces on the tables can be filled with Glow in the Dark Rice (In inspiration board photo found at Growing a Jeweled Rose), then to act as both a favor and décor, stick glow necklaces, glow sticks, glow bracelets, and more out of the centerpiece for your guests to help themselves!

For dinner, serve food on glowing dishes with yummy items such as Glow in the Dark Cupcakes and Glow in the Dark Jell0 (can make jello in any shape  – if having an over 21 party, add the alcoholic – otherwise, leave out the alcohol for some fun glowing finger food!)  Make your beverages or punch glow with this edible glowing ice recipe.

With the social media photos being uploaded every second, what could be more fun for the teenage crowd than a picture area – either hang neon plastic tablecloths to create a backdrop or use glow in the dark paint to splatter all over a backdrop.  Since, it is a party to celebrate the birthday boy/girl, be sure to include “Happy Birthday (Insert Name) on a banner or on the picture backdrop as well.   Have  Glow Caps and Glow Glasses available for the photo area.  Obviously, the non-glowing elements will be difficult to see in the picture, so be sure to encourage all guests to GLOW as much as possible!

What is more important to a GLOW PARTY than BLACKLIGHTS! Add as many blacklights to the room as possible, to add to the glow!

If you don’t have time to plan and execute your “EPIC” Glow Event and live in the Pittsburgh area, contact Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney for your event planning needs!

Inspiration Board Photo Credits

Rainbow Rice at Growing a Jeweled Rose/Glow  in the Dark Log Stools at Do It Yourself Pin/Glow Servers and Stands at Martha Stewart /Edible Glowing Ice at Chemistry/Glow in the Dark Cupcakes at Ghoulishly Glowing Cupcakes/Bat Jello at Jelly Shot Test Kitchen/Glow Hat and Glow Glasses at Cool Glow

Special Thanks to Brentwood Middle School Students for the Great Party Idea!


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