How To: Wedding Save the Dates

How To: Wedding Save the Dates

In today’s busy world, it is very important for most people to have an organized schedule of special occasions and events.  To be sure that your family and friends will be in attendance on your wedding day, a save the date is the perfect choice.

It is recommended that save-the-dates are sent at approximately 6- 8 months in advance.  Depending on the amount out-of-town guests, the time could be adjusted to even up to one year in advance.  Remember that some guests may need to buy passports, plane tickets, request off of work, arrange for babysitters, and more.  Only send your save-the-date when the date and location of the ceremony/reception are already reserved and finalized.  You do not have to list the venue (just the location), but you want to be sure it is available on the date chosen.

SUGGESTION:  List a wedding website that guests are able to check for hotel and travel accommodation information.  The bride and groom should have this information up at the same time or prior to sending wedding invitations.

TIP: Only send the save-the-date to those you are DEFINITELY going to invite to the wedding.  Once you send a save-the-date, an invitation is obviously expected.

What to Include:

Common Format States…

Please save the date of marriage for




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Formal invitation to follow

 Please refer to our website __________ as the wedding day nears for hotel accommodations and traveling information.

Save the Date Ideas:

Of course, there are many methods of sending a save-the-date, most commonly, a photo postcard or magnet will suffice, but some prefer to be a little more creative.   As an event planner, I do like all theme and design elements to match from start to finish, but some couples may not have a theme and design determined at this point, so the save the date may not exactly “match” the wedding style.

How appropriate for a PITTSBURGH COUPLE!

A FOOTBALL SAVE THE DATE!  Going this route, of course in Pittsburgh, you could also wear a hockey jersey!

 Football save the dates

(Photo Courtesy of Weddings by Lilly)

A few other unique ideas are…


save the date movie poster

(Found on Flickr)


save the date newspaper article

(Can be found at Etsy)

DIY (Do It Yourself):

Although the DIY option may seem like the money-saving choice, at times it can be just as expensive as ordering from a professional or website.   When purchasing a DIY package, be sure to check the label for exactly what is included in the package.   Always get at least 5 “extras” because you should always create a practice piece first.  It is most likely that you will make a mistake at least one time.   Sometimes DIY packages include extras (but they will not list this on the box).

SUGGESTION: Beware of previously opened packages.  Another person probably tried to use the stationary and decided against it.  Most likely, it was returned missing a few pieces.

If purchasing a plain stationary item, you can give it some sparkle or add to it by buying matching ribbon for bows, added sticker gems, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   When purchasing DIY products, be sure that your printer will be able to support the materials.   At times, glossy or beveled edges may slide in an ink jet.  Do not open all boxes until you’ve practiced at least one of the stationary items so that you can return unused materials.

In PITTSBURGH, reasonably-priced materials can be purchased at:

Pat Catan’s (Aliquippa/Pleasant Hills/McKees Rocks/Monroeville)

Michael’s  (Butler, Creighton, North Hills, Monaca, Cranberry Twp.)

JoAnn Fabrics (Belle Vernon, Bridgeville, Butler, North Hills, Cranberry Twp./Lower Burrell)


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