It’s All About COLOR!

Planning your son or daughter’s high school or college graduation party?!  How should you decorate? It is pretty obvious – IT’S ALL ABOUT COLOR!  Adorning the party in the colors of your Alma Mater are key to your decorating!  There is never too much color!  Add in some MASCOT items for your team (better use in a high school situation unless your college team is widely known for achievements in athletics or advanced scholars), and there you go – decor complete!

Why not line the pathway of your guests with pictures of your graduate from birth (To add color – you can frame each photo in your school’s color) – for more of an affect, add several balloons above each photo as well)

pathway of grad pics


(Photo found on Pinterest)

Once your guests step into the room, a great inexpensive decor solution, is a ceiling full of balloons (helium filled of course – probably least expensive if you rent your own helium tank) .

balloon ceiling purple


(Photo found at Ali Express)

If you are outdoors and are able to hang items from a tent or pavilion, rather than using balloons, decorate with hanging lanterns and poms.

lanterns and poms

(Photo found at Wedding by Color)

Not only can the decor represent the school’s color, but the food can as well!   You can even dye noodles!

Purple Pasta


Add 1 drop of food coloring in the boiling water for light purple and 2 drops for the dark purple

(Photo found at Crafty Workin Mommy)

A sweet way to celebrate with your guests is to have  a candy buffet – representing the correct colors of course! Don’t forget to provide TO GO CONTAINERS for your guests to take these delicious treats home!  (Check out Oriental Trading for inexpensive options in your color)



(Photo by Candy Warehouse where you are able to buy candy in bulk)

The GRADUATION CAP must be a part of this big day, so here a few great treats (you can add to the treat table) that will represent the graduate…

Chocolate covered strawberries


(Found at Punchbowl)


Grad Cap Pops


(Found at Bakerella)

Even make your main beverage the color of choice!

purple punch


(Photo/Recipe found at Coley’s Corner)

Remember this celebratory day by creating a photo background for the graduate, friends, and family to get pictures – nice idea to provide a Polaroid camera – you can even have scrapbook pages on hand to create as the day goes on – what a fun way to cherish a day of such importance!



(Found at Wedding Bee)

Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney can make any party “an event that will make history!” Call/Email us if you live in or near Pittsburgh!




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