Creating your Wedding Program

The Wedding Program

            The wedding program can vary in style depending upon the location, religion, etc.   When using a religious location, some churches will provide a basic wedding program, or the bride and groom may choose to print their own program.  No matter what is decided, it is important to provide a program to your guests so that they understand the ceremony and are able to follow along.    Certain ceremonies, such as a Greek Ceremony, have very lengthy and specific wording, so it is vital to have programs.

SUGGESTION:   Many programs are wasted, so only print one program per couple.  At a traditional ceremony, when a female guest is ushered down the aisle, the usher can hand the program to her.   If no ushers will be used and programs will be in a location for guests to help themselves, only print enough for about 75% of guests.

 Programs Traditionally Include:

 Page One:

1. Bride/Groom Names

2. Location, Date/Time

3. Wedding Party (In Order of Walking)

4.  Officiant

5.  Parents of the Bride

6.  Parents of the Groom

 Additional Pages:

7. Ceremony Schedule:  Including Readings/Readers, Music/Musicians, Necessary Guest Responses, etc.

Final Page

8. Remembrance to those who have passed

9. Thank you to parents/guests



Photo Credit: Jessamyn Harris

Bridal Guide really captures some very unique Wedding Program ideas if you are not a bride and groom looking for “traditional.”  For example, the above Chalkboard program (Note – I would be sure to put this toward the front of the ceremony location, where your guests are able to see to follow along).


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