PMM_JustHitched Wedding Videos

(Ariella Furman in action at The Knot Marketing Mixer – Photo Credit: Palermo Photo)

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life. It is one of those special events when you wish you could freeze time and live in the moment forever. With the amazing services provided by Just Hitched Wedding Films, you can preserve all of the magical moments of your wedding and relive them whenever you choose.

We had the opportunity to chat with Ariella, owner of Just Hitched Weddings Films, to learn more about the business, which officially got its start in 2011, however Ariella and her team have been independently shooting and editing weddings films for almost 10 years. When we asked Ariella what made her want to go into this field of business she replied, “I was always fascinated by technology. I was lucky enough to be born into a generation where I got to see technology constantly change, and fast! I was amazed by how much it impacted our lives. Specifically, I enjoyed being able to capture a moment to hold onto. This would be the one unchanging aspect of my environment, which was constantly changing. I was able to hold onto that video clip forever, savor a memory and a moment. Naturally, I brought my first camera when I was 15 and started filming projects for school. By the age of 17, I was filming wedding videos as a second career and slowly moved up the ladder to begin filming my own weddings.”

Ariella is especially touched when grooms show their emotional side. “Usually grooms hold it together while the ladies lose it! I guess they are afraid their fellow groomsmen will ridicule them. Two samples on the website show grooms breaking down and crying. I get really emotional when a groom cries, both when I am filming and editing wedding footage. It makes me want to cry, too. When a groom cries, it probably makes him feel self-conscious, as it is not really “acceptable” for men to freely express emotion. However I think it is adorable, masculine, and full of strength!! So men please feel free to cry in front of your brides!”

Why should our clients choose Just Hitched Wedding Film’s services? Ariella explains, “We are one of the most affordable commercial studios and have hundreds of successful weddings under our belts. Most clients are hesitant about getting video, but everyone we work with ends up so relieved that they can now relive their memories. We create beautiful and cinematic wedding films that you will cherish forever. Forget cheesy effects or awkward interviews, our style is modern and new age. Our highlights films are share-able so you can tag your friends on Facebook or email the films to your long distance loved ones.”

Just Hitched Wedding Films is truly making wedding videos cool! Take the opportunity to be able to relive your special day time and time again. The innovation and elegance of Just Hitched Weddings Films will preserve your precious memories in the most creative and perfect way.

To learn more about the business and see some of the amazing work Just Hitched Wedding Films has produced visit their website at or contact Ariella Furman at

Check out these great videos done by Just Hitched Wedding Films!

and please check out to see a recent video that Ariella filmed for The Pittsburgh Market Mixer hosted by The Knot-

Coordinated by Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney.


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