katiaforerophotography-weddings6Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney consultants are constantly researching vendors throughout the Pittsburgh area that will be a great fit for our clients.   A variety of factors are involved – pricing, style, and overall personality.    Jessica, co-owner of EEP, actually discovered Katia Forero while being a bridesmaid in her cousin’s wedding.   Katia was clearly a master of her craft; therefore, EEP has yet another wonderful Pittsburgh photographer to recommend to clientele!

Although Katia has been in the photography business for over six years, she has specialized in wedding photography for over four of those years.  Katia graduated from school with a degree in Fashion Design but “it wasn’t until I picked up a camera that I truly fell in love with my work,” Katia tells EEP.  Being able to combine both her love for arts and creating is, in Katia’s mind, “such a rewarding experience.”

It is hard for Katia to choose just one memory while working in this business, “from the father walking the bride down the aisle to the groom’s reaction to seeing his future wife for the first time that day,” Katia explains, “photography allows me to witness so many special moments in a couple’s day.” She continues by adding that “true emotions are a great part of my job, and I cannot be happier to document these for my couples and be part of something so special and meaningful.”


Why should couples choose Katia to photograph their wedding?  “I am a romantic at heart, and I strive to capture moments that are particular to every couple that works with me.  We are all different, and it is very important for me to use my talent to document these couples the way they truly are with each other and their families. I don’t like following the most recent trends, but I love classic and timeless photography; photography that will be beautiful today as it will be tomorrow and for many years to come,” Katia shares with EEP.

Please visit Katia’s Promo video to get a little story about her and why she loves what she does –

For additional Information, please see Katia Forero Photography and visit Katia’s Blog!



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