Epic Event Planning will be the first to tell you that one of the most important elements of a successful wedding (for your guests especially) is the dancing and fun that ensues after dinner.  DJ Digital Dave truly knows how to get the party started and keep it going!  At past weddings, EEP has literally watched every single guest at a wedding of 200 out on the dance floor having an amazing time!
Dave has been DJing for the past 19 years; working for 13 of those years as both a nightclub and wedding DJ.  Dave tells EEP that money and fame were not the reasons that he began this field but rather his love for music.  “I started at DJing at 15 years old in a roller skating rink called Romp N’ Roll which still exists to this day.  Then, I went to college at the University Of Pittsburgh and played a lot of events for the school and school organizations as well as house parties, fraternity & sorority formals, and some weddings as well.  I was pre-law and decided to take a year off school prior to taking my LSAT’s. During that year,  I started DJing in clubs as well and was happy and made a good living, so I decided to stick with it,” Dave explains.
Dave has so many great memories while being a DJ, but one that sticks out in his mind was, “a 400 guest wedding I played at the main ballroom of the Omni William Penn in 2012 in which dancing started around 8:30 and went until almost 2:00 in the morning with no formalities such as a bouquet toss or anniversary dance. I maybe played 4 slows songs in the entire 5 1/2 hours of having a packed dance floor.  At one point that night the couple was literally dancing on the head table,” Dave shares.
At another wedding that Dave DJed in 2013 at the Fairmont, the entire set was play like a club and even the 50+ crowd had a blast.  The bride and groom extended the evening an hour and a half!  The photographers of this wedding were from Arizona and offered to fly Dave to Arizona to play their wedding, but unfortunately, he was already booked on their date.
At the top of Dave’s list for club experiences was, “getting to DJ Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz’s birthday party at Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City.”
What makes Dave a great DJ was shared by a bride that said Dave was “extremely professional and extremely fun.”  Dave says, “I’m gonna rock the party behind the decks. I may even be dancing behind the decks, but at the same time I’m going to have you complete a planning form in advance and review with you before your wedding date.  I’m going to keep the entire evening running on schedule. I’m going to consistently make sure all of your vendors are kept abreast of the schedule and know what’s happening when.  I’m going to make announcements in a professional manner without talking too much and without jokes. I’m a true music lover and although my typical wedding consists of a good mix of contemporary top 40 & dance mixed with some 80’s & 90’s classics and a little Motown & hip-hop, I do quite a few specialty weddings as well.  I do a fair amount of indie weddings, old school hip-hop weddings, funk & soul weddings and I’ve even done nu-wave 80’s weddings.  Regardless of genres, I’m gonna keep the party moving & mix songs into one another to avoid awkward silence between songs that you get with DJs who don’t mix.”
EEP has watched Dave start a party and keep it going all night long!  If you want fun – Dave is the perfect choice!
Contact Dave at to see if he is available for your wedding day!
Photo Credits: Studio Moraie, Sky’s The Limit Photography, and Dave Issod

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