lenz(Photo by Behind the Lenz)

In this “Pinterest-ing” generation, Do-It-Yourself weddings are currently extremely popular.  Using a wedding ceremony or reception venue that begins as a blank slate seems to be the number one choice.   This adds a bit of work for the bride and groom as far as set-up is concerned (unless they hire EEP, of course!).   The bar is a very important aspect of any wedding or event, and there are many things to consider when planning the bar, so EEP recommends hiring 3 Rivers Events to provide your bartending services and more! Megan Foley, Owner, is sure to offer a variety of services, rentals, etc. to be sure that your bar is top notch on your wedding day!

Megan has been working in the service industry since her first job at 15 years old.   At 18, she was behind the bar.  Megan explains that she used her education and experience in graphic design/marketing to “be my own boss doing what I enjoy.”

In 2009, Megan began working in this business as a “Bartender for Hire,” as she listed it on Craigslist.   Because she had off every Saturday, this was a great way to earn extra income, so she booked her first event – “A really fun Halloween party.”  Megan says that “as bookings came in, it became apparent that I would need more staff to accommodate larger events.  I enlisted friends and former co-workers from the service industry.”

hydration station

(Photo by Palermo Photo)

As the years went by, Megan acquired rentable items “focused on the beverage area of events: glassware, coffee stations, and the favorite, The Hydration Station.”  In January 2014, Megan resigned from her position as a restaurant General Manager and decided to focus on her business: rebranding to 3 Rivers Events.  Megan tells EEP, “It’s been an amazing year and 2015 is already surpassing my expectations!”

Four of Megan’s favorite moments in the business all occurred in one weekend this past summer.  “This was a proud achievement; to successfully staff and service four events in two days receiving rave reviews for all!”

ac537f31-985a-44df-ab92-2adc5bbbb54a(Photo by Megan Foley, 3 Rivers Events

Why choose 3 Rivers Events?  Megan says “Myself and staff at 3 Rivers Events surpass the expectations of our clients.  We offer the most extensive variety of service, supplies, and rental options in the area.  Professional, yet very personable is what you can expect from the staff.   We’ve become the go-to service for outdoor events.  There is much care and planning involved, and we’re prepared for it all.”

In addition to the already very inclusive, impressive services from 3 Rivers Events, they are preparing for the next big step in their business; they have “developed a new, one-of-a-kind concept, Pittsburgh’s Original Bar Truck! This is a mere idea at this point, but as we grow, I’m hoping to make it a reality. In line with the food truck fad that is sweeping Pittsburgh, the mobile bar truck would take it further. A rentable truck with services that includes outdoor seating, satellite television and a full interior bar set-up. We will be relying on fundraising, crowd-funding, pre-sale promotional items, a partnership and possible loans to get Pittsburgh’s Original Bar Truck rollin’ in the ‘Burgh!”

Patio Bar(Created by Megan Foley, 3 Rivers Events)

 If you want to make sure that your bar is in good hands – hire 3 RIVERS EVENTS! For more information, see the website and email Megan at for availability.


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