Memories of your wedding day or special event are gifts that you will hold dear for many years to come.  Wouldn’t it be great to add a creative and fun element to capturing these memories? Jonathan Trueblood (owner of The Pittsburgh Caricature Co.) is a Pittsburgh caricature artist who does just that.  Jonathan has been in business creating caricatures for about seven years.  He has always loved drawing and was further catapulted into this business after spending a summer creating caricatures at SeaWorld Orlando.
When we asked Jonathan to recall a special caricature memory he replied, “While working for a wedding on the Gateway Clipper Fleet, I was asked to create a caricature for the grandmother of the bride.  The grandmother was in her 90s and had never had a caricature done before.  JT5After I finished the drawing, she was so happy with the result; laughing and hugging me throughout the evening.   That moment made my night.”  
Jonathan had this to say when we asked him why Epic Event Planning’s clients should choose his services, “I think caricatures are definitely a unique and exciting addition to any event.  Clients are often looking for something that will make their event stand out and make it more memorable.   Caricatures aren’t only fun for the person getting one done, they are a great time for everyone standing around watching (usually laughing and teasing the person while they are being drawn).   Caricatures can also be specialized.  Children can be superheroes and princesses or whatever they can imagine.  I also do commission caricatures which are great gifts for weddings, retirements, holidays or that person that is impossible to shop for.”
If you would like to learn more about Jonathan and the Pittsburgh Caricature Co., please visit his website (
You cannot help but smile when you see Jonathan’s brilliant talent combined with playful expression.  If you prefer thinking outside the box and want to ensure your event guests are entertained, a caricature artist is the perfect touch.  

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