“GAL”entine’s Day Celebration!


~DanielleRobbins (Etsy.com)

“Every February 13th, I throw a banquet to celebrate my ladyfriends, independent of any relationships they may or may not be in. It’s a fun self-esteem builder for you and your ladyfriends.”

~Leslie Knope (Parks & Recreation)

Whether you completely loathe Valentine’s Day because you, unfortunately, have no one to celebrate with, or you just need some time with the ladies away from the duties of a relationship, “GAL”entine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate the love and friendships that you have with your girlfriends!

A “GAL”entine’s Day brunch is a great way to start your festivities- complete with Belgium waffle and Mimosa Bar!

B. Lovely Events – Waffle Bar

With waffles, (can be premade or if a waffle-maker is available, guests can make their own) provide fruit toppings, and don’t forget the ice cream, whip cream, syrup, and more yummy toppings!   Cute Idea – use a roll of brown paper to act as the table cloth and label everything accordingly! What an easy clean up as well!

What goes perfectly with brunch – MIMOSAS!   Check out this great HOW-TO put your own MIMOSA bar together!

Once you’re done indulging in these delightful treats, have some great female fun planned!  Why not break out your Wii and get crazy doing some Just Dance competitions, a movie marathon (stick to female-driven movies like “Enough” or “Sex and the City.” – stay away from those mushy romances), or break out some great female tunes and dance the day away!


Photo by Rookie

If you’d rather go out this “GAL”entine’s Day, we know that most have read “Fifty Shades of Grey,” and since it happens to be coming out this week, why not enjoy the flick with your friends, as I’m sure most ladies will have a tough time dragging their husbands and boyfriends along to see it.

Another fun activity with the ladies – Painting with a Twist, which have some wonderful options in the next week along with several locations for your convenience!

Put the men in charge of your little ones, take a day off work, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, and the many other responsibilities you may have…

and celebrate a much-deserved “GAL”entine’s Day!

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