Lynn and Brian 1st Dance
Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney prides itself on finding the best of the best vendors in Pittsburgh for any event or wedding.  When planning a Marketing Mixer for The Knot in Pittsburgh in 2014, EEP was lucky enough to come across Integral Ballroom, who choreographed and performed two upbeat dances for our event.  How do some couples choose to stand out at their wedding?  They want their first dance to be perfect.  EEP recommends Integral Ballroom to make your dance a hit!
Luanne O’Brien started out as a registered nurse, but once she took up ballroom dancing, she was “so happy and healthy through this art form” that she chose to help others stay healthy through dancing.
Now being in business for 7 years, in addition to adult, child, and private lessons, Integral Ballroom will help a couple “choose a performance that suits your moment and gives your guests a shared experience they’ll never forget.” When asked a great memory in this business, Luanne describes teaching a wedding party a group number.  “They started out with a slow rock style and then broke out into a tango complete with roses in their teeth.  It was so awesome.  The guys were really into it as well as the ladies.  Fun was had by all.”
Eric Haselfof
Why should clients choose Integral Ballroom, Luanne explains “Wedding dances should be very personalized.  I love teaching a shy couple how to walk out gracefully and dance a heartfelt number just as much as the couple who really wants to express their love during their dance.   Each couple is so precious to me.  I truly make sure that I deeply respect their time, their budget, and their ideas.”
What is even better about Integral Ballroom, is that in addition to instructing dance, Luanne and her husband, Joe, also act as licensed non-denominational ministers able to witness weddings.  Integral Weddings has been witnessing since 2000.   Because Joe and Luanne had a passion for studying all different faiths and world philosophies, their friends began asking Joe and Luanne to officiate their weddings. “We never planned this as a business,” says Luanne.  “As more and more people see our unique ceremonies, more and more people ask for our services.  We have gone from 1 or 2 per year in the beginning to over 80 ceremonies in 2014, and oh, my, we love it!”
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Lauren Vereb, Saturday, September 27, 2014, Grand Concourse, PittsburghMr. and Mrs. Ben and Annie Orris, Saturday, September 20, 2014, Castle Farms, McDonald
Luanne’s favorite memory is the first ceremony that she and Joe did together.  Luanne thinks back, “I remember looking at my husband with total awe in not just my love for him, but coupled with the fact that we were so honored to help another loving couple get married.”
Explaining why EEP clients should choose Integral Weddings, Luanne says, “It is definitely that we totally respect each couple’s individuality. We have been honored to marry so many people of so many faiths and each ceremony has been so heartfelt and unique. Our ceremonies are about what the couple wants to say to those who have come to witness their ceremony and we are there to make that happen. We truly custom create the ceremony.”
After working with Luanne and Joe, EEP would happily recommend their services, whether it be in dance instruction through Integral Ballroom, or acting as Officiants through Integral Weddings.   Even better – choose them for both!
Hammack Wedding
(Photo 1 Credit: Integral Ballroom – First Dance;
Photo 2 Credit: Integral Ballroom – Father/Daughter Dance;
Photo 3 Credit:  Laura Kathleen Photography; Photo 4 Credit: Integral Weddings;
Photo 5 Credit: E. Henigan Studios, Joe and Luanne Officiating) 

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