Making Your Wedding Day Your Own

A wedding is a momentous event that draws family and friends near.  Along with all of this excitement will also come a myriad of opinions and ideas.  Each person will have a different concept for the wedding.  It is important for the bride and groom to have a discussion with family early on in the planning process.  During this discussion, it is wise for the bride and groom to freely voice their thoughts as to what they envision for their day.  This can be especially difficult when various parties are making financial contributions for the wedding;  however, everyone that supports the bride and groom will want their wedding to be a true celebration of who they are.  Make your wedding day your own by adding as many personalized elements as possible.

 The Ceremony   

So much focus is placed on the wedding reception that people often lose sight of the most meaningful part of the day.  The most precious moment of the ceremony is when the bride and groom face each other and recite their vows.  When a couple writes their own vows this adds an extra special element to the ceremony. 14995037867_f96d1d2606_o These are the bride and groom’s very own words that honestly express the emotions they are feeling.  These words are shared between the couple and all of the family and friends gathered together to witness their union.  The couple can then place a copy of their written vows in their wedding album so they will remember the words that they exchanged forever.


Some couples have added personal elements to their ceremony programs.  A heartfelt note thanking family and friends for all of their support throughout the couple’s relationship sends a message of gratitude to the guests.

The Reception

One couple had the brilliant idea of personalizing their guest tables.  Instead of using traditional table numbers to organize the tables the couple chose to place a picture of themselves along with a fun fact about their relationship in a frame on the tables  For example: the table labeled “First Date” gave a brief description of the couple’s first date and a picture of the location.  The personalization can continue even to include the centerpieces.

The couple can choose a centerpiece that signifies something or has special meaning to them.  For example: a couple chose a bottle of wine as their centerpiece. yellowlovewine2 Each bottle of wine was adorned with a label displaying their names and their wedding date.  Wording on the bottles also included a small note explaining how the groom proposed at the winery suppling the centerpieces.

This attention to detail and these small touches may seem insignificant, but it is these elements that make a wedding day memorable.  The most beautiful weddings are the ones that provide a glimpse into the lives of the happy couple.

(Photo Credits: Couple Vows – Sugar and Spice Weddings; Thank You Program – Bee Curious Designs on Etsy; Wine Bottle Label – Party Box Design


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