Many couples have described their wedding day as magical.  Sharing moments with family and friends while making memories that will last a lifetime is what the day is all about.  Why not incorporate some real magic into your wedding day to create an exciting and entertaining atmosphere.

Several weeks ago EEP had the pleasure of meeting Collin Stover, magician and mentalist.  During our meeting Collin impressed us with several magic tricks, wowed us with his mentalism abilities, and won us over with his charismatic personality.  His enthusiasm for his craft is infectious.

Collin has been performing magic for approximately 10 years and has made this his full-time job within the last 2 years.  When we asked Collin what inspired him to go into this business he replied, “My stepdad was a magician part-time, but he did a lot of magic for kids, which I don’t do any of.  When I was little, he was always showing me magic tricks, and I loved it. Eventually, he taught me everything he knew, and I took it from there. I’ve always been entrepreneurial, and have had several businesses.  When I made the decision to go full-time, I was at a cross-road.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I knew that I needed something that would deliver happiness to people and satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit.  I decided to focus my efforts into growing a business that would foster my needs. Now I specialize in performing magic & mentalism during the cocktail hour at weddings, and it’s a blast!” 


We asked Collin to tell us about one of his fondest memories while performing and he recalled this experience, “I was performing at an event for a Pittsburgh Steeler, and I approached a group of people to perform magic for them.  A member of the small group named Jason, looked really “cool”. He had pink pants on, a navy blazer, leather shoes with no socks, and a pair of designer sunglasses. When I approached the group Jason seemed rather disinterested.  You know the look: arms crossed, sunglasses on, and an indifferent expression. I figured he would be a hard audience, but I was up for the challenge. He watched very carefully during the “set up” of the trick, but once I went into the big reveal, he RIPPED OFF his sunglasses and said “WHAT?!” For the rest of my time with that group, he had his face buried in his hands as he watched in disbelief. At one point he even rolled all the way back in his seat because he couldn’t understand what was happening right under his nose.  That’s one of my favorite performance memories.”

IMG_2678 copy

Collin expounded upon why clients should utilize his services, “There are three things that set me apart from any other wedding entertainer: (1) what I do is unique from anything your guests will ever witness. I perform a sophisticated magic & mentalism show from table to table during the cocktail hour. (2) I extend a guarantee for both my performance and my service, so if my performance is anything short of amazing and if my service isn’t the best you’ve ever received from an entertainer, ever — then you get to make my check “disappear”. And (3) I include my “Reactions Photographer” with every performance package. Basically, I’ve created a special relationship with a photographer who I offer to all of my clients, completely free. She shadows the performance and has seen it so many times that she knows exactly when to snap those shots to get amazing reaction photos of your guests. We edit the photos after your wedding and send you all of them, completely free of charge.”

Collin’s magical touch would add a heightened level of entertainment to any wedding cocktail hour or event.  His talents have been featured on the cover of the Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Magazine, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, CBS, and Pittsburgh Today Live.


Photo Credits: 1st Photo by Heather Mull; Additional Photos by Kaelin Elise McKelvey


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