Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Whether you’re embracing your Mexican heritage, or celebrating the history of our southern neighbors in remembrance of the Battle of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect day to host a colorful fiesta to kick of the warm weather.

Start off by making sure your home is as bright and vivid as the streets of this beautiful country.


In order to properly convey a true Cinco de Mayo party, be sure to incorporate as much color as possible! These DIY tissue paper flowers from are the perfect way to liven up your hallways to welcome your guests as they make their way into your casa on this 5th of May. Be sure to spread them throughout your entire party space, so your guests are consistently impressed with your DIY skills!


What’s a proper fiesta without a pinata? According to, the exact origin of the piñata party game is disputed, but many agree it originated in Europe in ancient times. Legend has it that it started simply as a painted clay pot decorated with colorful paper and filled with candy treats and coins. Even today, many party-goers in central and southern Mexico are still using the clay pot as opposed to the paper Mache piñata North Americans are used to. And while we love keeping our parties as authentic as possible, for safety reasons we definitely recommend using the more common paper mache version or this DIY Floral Pinata from HGTV (especially if you have little ones around!)


Not sure what to fill your pinata with? Little toys, noise-makers and candies are always a hit with both children and adults! Having an adult only party? Throw in a few plastic minis filled with your favorite tequila to keep the party going!

Speaking of tequila, it wouldn’t be a proper fiesta without a nice cold margarita. Whether you prefer the crisp taste of a classic lime margarita or prefer something a little sweeter, we’ve got you covered! Check out the list of over 50 margarita recipes put together by Carrie over at Crazy for Crust to pick your favorite.

Last but certainly not least, is the ever important food options that you’ll present to your guests. Between nachos, tacos and burritos, there are so many delicious options to offer! When it comes to feeding crowds though, we definitely recommend letting guests put together their own plates to be safe around dietary restrictions. Putting together a Self-Serve Burrito Bowl bar (like the one below from The Handmade Home) helps you offer all of your guests’ favorites without forcing something on them.

Follow any or all of our suggestions above and you’ll be sure to host the fiesta of a lifetime!

(Photo Credits: Mexico – Visit Mexico; Tissue Paper Flowers – Aunt Peaches;

DIY Pinata – HGTV; Burrito Bar – Handmade Home

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