Happy 4th of July Party

Independence Day is a day filled with family, friends, fun, and lots of delicious food.  The game plan for this year’s Independence Day celebration is to keep things simply fabulous.  There is no need to spend endless hours slaving in the kitchen or crafting until your glue gun is out of ammunition.  Spend time enjoying your company and the warmth of the July day by finding simple solutions that will wow your guests.

EEP set the 4th of July mood, with these DIY decorations.

Spray painted wine bottles – cut out stars and stripes and place randomly on bottles (with tape that’s easily removable), spray, and dry.   Add red, white, or blue glow sticks for the evening, some flags and/or flowers for the perfect centerpiece. Put this on top of a bandana table runner.  EEP use red and chevron patterns along with iron-on stitch tape – ten minutes later – a great runner for the occassion!


On your lawn, use red, white, and blue spray paint to add stars.   Cut one or more sizes of stars on a large poster to create a stencil and use spray paint appx 6-10 inches away to create a create decorative element to your day!   The stars will disappear once the grass is mowed a few times.


Red white and blue corn chips are the perfect addition to this simplistic Independence Day menu.  Not only do these tasty chips require almost zero prep time, their color ties in perfectly with the festive theme.  Pick your favorite blue corn chip, salsa, and white cheese and the work is virtually done.


We all enjoy the traditional hamburger and hot dog cuisine each Independence Day, but the party host would much rather spend time mingling with family and friends as opposed to keeping watch over a hot grill.  This year think outside the box and prepare something that will appeal to all and can also be made in advance.  Lasagna is a classic that will serve as an impressive main dish and can easily be pre-made.  Place the constructed lasagna in the oven slightly before guests are scheduled to arrive and eliminate the cooking chaos during the gathering.

Both children and adults alike love the refreshing taste of a popsicle.  What could be better than a Firecracker Ice Pop on what is sure to be a hot day?  These color coordinated pops take 10 minutes or less to prepare and can be prepared up to a week prior to your holiday celebration.  Not only are these pops easy to make and colorful, they are a healthier dessert option to offer guests.


A Patriotic Parfait is low maintenance, low calorie, and lovely to look at.  Utilize some inexpensive mason jars or a comparable container from the cupboards to hold these treats.  Not much decoration will be necessary once these colorful desserts are displayed.

EEP served some great festive finger food dessert options this 4th of July, by creating Mini Pies (Homemade Pie Crust, a Star Cookie Cutter, a mini pie pie pan, and some pilling filling and voila!).  Check out this recipe – EEP made homemade pie crust and pre-cooked in over at 375 for 10 minutes prior to filling (poking holes in bottom so does not rise), then added filling along with start on top and cooked for additional 10-15 minutes, adding organic sugar on top for the final 5 minutes) These Red, White, and Blue White Chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect appetizer/dessert, melt white chocolate melts (can by prepackaged in microwavable container for quick and easy efforts), dip clean strawberries in chocolate 3/4 of way, then in blue sugar sprinkles about 1/2, and put on wax paper until dry.  Yummy and Easy!


Entertaining does not have to be overwhelming.  Prepare as much as you can in advance and switch things up to provide a welcome surprise to your guests.  Planning ahead and simplifying the menu will allow the host to fully partake in the activities of the day.  Catching up with the company you have welcomed into your home is the most important ingredient for any celebration.

(Photo Credits:  Spray Painted Wine Bottles – EEP; Bandana Runne – EEP; Lawn Stars – EEP; Red, White, and Blue Corn Chips – Eating Well; American Lasagna – All Recipes; Firecracker Ice Pops – Delish; Patriotic Parfaits – Delish;

Red, White, and Blue Strawberries – EEP, and Mini Pies – EEP

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