Outdoor weddings are certainly a popular trend. There is something so classic and simply elegant about the ambiance of an outdoor wedding.

Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney recently chatted with Max Chamovitz of Fagel Farms. He and his family own a stunning farm that they are now offering as a one-of-a-kind wedding venue. Fagel Farms has been hosting weddings and various events since 1995, however, their doors have just opened to the public this year.

216_KarabinWedding_0319When we asked Max why he decided to get into this field he replied, “The idea to make Fagel Farms a wedding venue came about organically. Initially, Fagel Farms was built by my parents who wanted to create a place where their children, grandchildren, and extended family would want to gather. Clearly, they succeeded because since its completion in 1995, Fagel Farms has been the site of many family reunions, birthdays, as well as a number of wedding celebrations. As time went on, and as the large celebrations continued, it became exceedingly clear that Fagel Farms should be shared with the world. My parents decided it should be a place that anyone could use to bring family and friends together to celebrate life’s special occasions. Therefore, in 2015, Fagel Farms officially opened its doors for business and became Pittsburgh’s newest outdoor wedding venue.”

Max explained why Fagel Farms is an exceptional choice for a bride and groom, “People considering an outdoor rustic wedding venue should choose Fagel Farms, because our motto is ‘Fagel Farms… for a wedding that is as unique as you are.'”

214_KarabinWedding_0314 (1)EEP sees Fagel Farms as a beautiful blank canvas upon which our clients can create the wedding of their dreams. Unlike some wedding venues, Fagel Farms does not seek to limit your creativity by requiring you to use vendors we have chosen. Our clients are free to use any caterer, florist, or tent rental company they wish. For our clients who feel overwhelmed by all these important choices, we are happy to help create a fantastic package solution to ease your mind.

A wedding at Fagel Farms will also ensure that your out-of-town guests have a memorable stay. Less than ten minutes away from the farm is Frank Lloyd Wright’s world famous architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater. Also nearby is a world class PGA golf course. For the more adventurous creatures whitewater rafting, rock climbing, paintball, zip lines, and hiking can all be found at Ohiopyle State Park. But, the main reason to choose Fagel Farms as your wedding venue is because of its sheer magnificent natural beauty. Landscaped lawns, endless flower beds, fields of hay, and charming stone lined pathways that wind through the woods makes Fagel Farms a magical outdoor wedding venue. However, words do not do the property justice. We welcome guests to schedule a tour and see for themselves the beauty that Fagel Farms has to offer.”KZ4A1150aKZ4A0930a

To learn more about this special family owned venue please visit the Fagel Farms website. (

Photo Credits: Couple with Horse, Randi Voss Photography ; Couple Traveling through Woods, Randi Voss Photography; Bride and Groom, 21 Moments PhotographyBride in Field, 21 Moments Photography

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