We’re Off…

to see the Wizard!”…

Still a classic, this 5 year old little lady chose a “Wizard of Oz” theme to celebrate her big day!

There were so many options when choosing elements to incorporate from Wizard from rainbows, to characters, to yellow brick roads!

Guests had to follow the Yellow Brick Road to the front door, passing the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet on the way…squished by the house of course! As in Emerald City, the bell was “Out of Order.”


As guests walked in, they were taken “over the rainbow” with rainbow streamers and white cloud balloons in a rainbow-filled room.


Centerpieces featured Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and Lion while Emerald green tables were covered in red poppies!

Place settings included a painting your own Wizard of Oz activity while the Tin Man’s heart was used both as the name card as well as the heart for “Pin the Heart on the Tin Man” game.

Our cupcakes featured a “Rainbow” surprise inside!  Made easily with colored white cake mix inside, once cut open, each child would find their own rainbow!

Cupcakes were displayed under a cardboard Emerald City.


 To keep the munchkins busy, games such as “Pin the Heart on the Tin Man” and Hot “Toto” (Hot potato with Toto as the potato) were played, and a rainbow cake piñata was also a part of the fun!

Our little Dorothy was quite pleased!




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