Vendor Feature: Katie Mulder Creative

When planning an event, the first thing that your guests see related to the wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc., is the invitation (or possibly the save the date), and unless your hand writing is exquisite (and you have a lot of extra time on your hands to write out all of the addresses and names), you may want to choose KATIE MULDER CREATIVE to add that special touch with beautiful calligraphy on your event stationery or special project.

Katie says she was “hooked,” after working with lettering and calligraphy on her own wedding projects in 2014.  Although Katie had actually hired a calligrapher to address her own wedding invitations, Katie forgot to to attach the last pages of addresses, and once she realized her mistake, it was too late.   Katie took to YouTube how-to videos to assist her, along with a few all-nighters in order to get her invitations out on time.

Katie explains, “I quickly realized that I loved calligraphy and hand lettering.  It became the creative outlet I didn’t know I needed.  I was enamored with typography, layout; and the unique impact of a calligraphed name.  Nothing makes you feel more special than seeing your own name, beautifully handwritten!”

Katie decided to move forward by taking online classes in both hand lettering and calligraphy as well as graphic design.   In 2016, she was able to put her talent to work and offer “calligraphy and lettering services for special event details, custom prints, and educational workshops.”

Katie describes a wonderful memory in her business as she was asked to create a sign displaying a special phrase chosen by a bride and groom that represented their relationship.    “Watching the bride’s face light up as the sign was delivered was an absolute treat,” Katie remembers.   A few weeks after the wedding, Katie received a follow up email, including a picture of the sign, hanging on the couple’s living room wall.

“Many people think that spending extra on details such as custom signs and invitation calligraphy is frivolous.  However, after the wedding day is over, and all the cake is eaten, that sign remained.  That sign, a tangible memento of the very essence of their love story, ” Katie shares.

Katie Mulder Creative exists “to celebrate the beauty found in the details.”     Katie truly believes that “life is truly enriched when we slow down to notice the little things.   Calligraphy is one of those special details that can add a level of elegance to a wedding day.”

Katie has recently moved to Pittsburgh from Kansas city with her husband and newborn son.    She is ready to take on challenges for new projects and ideas.

Katie says, “If you’ve got your heart set on something particularly unique, I’m your gal!”

Check out Katie Mulder Creative online to contact Katie or get additional details.

Photos Provided by Katie Mulder

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