Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments of your lives.   A time to share your story, make a promise, celebrate with all of the people significant in your lives.  Choosing the right Officiant for you, as a couple, is an element of your wedding that will truly make a memorable difference.

Epic Event Planning by Jessica & Kourtney has had the pleasure of working with Ian Alexander of Adorkable Weddings in the past two years, and we are happy to recommend his officiating services for your wedding ceremony!


New to the wedding world, Adorkable Weddings officially went into business in October 2015 after officiating two weddings for friends prior to that.     “After Nick and Vania’s wedding went off perfectly, I knew that I could work with anyone to make their wedding a reality,” explained Ian.

Ian has already officiated over 80 weddings!  When asked about a memory that stands out, a funny story came to mind!

“It was a time the groomsman dropped the bride’s wedding ring.  I bent down to pick it up, and my big butt knocked the table holding the sand vessels for the unity ceremony and knocked them over!  I looked at the table, looked at the groomsman, then addressed him [“You had one job!”].   The bride and groom cracked up and the guests loved it.  The sand was saved, and everything else went swimmingly.”  


Why should you choose Adorkable Weddings?  Ian states, “Anyone looking for a personal and meaningful ceremony should look no further! My point is, it’s YOUR wedding. Not mine, not your family’s, not tradition’s. . .YOURS. You and your partner should talk to me if you want a custom ceremony that makes you laugh, makes you cry, and shines a light on your relationship and values.”   

EEP has personally seen what Ian (Adorkable Weddings) is capable of, and he will truly create a custom ceremony perfect for your wedding day!

Photo Credits:  Top Photo – Johnny Quattlebaum,; Second Photo – Ian Alexander


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