Spa Sleepover Birthday Party

As event planners, we don’t stop planning outside of our work events.  We continue the meticulous planning into each function of our own lives like our children’s birthday parties!

For my daughter’s 8th birthday, she had asked for a JoJo Siwa meets Spa Birthday theme, so I tried to incorporate both.

Although, I love creating my own stationery items, sometimes time is not on my side (especially having 3 young children), but is wonderful place to get personalized goods.   I usually purchase a digital download that I’m able to print from home, cut, and use.   BabyCollarPrintables had a wonderful option that incorporated the colors I wanted to use, JoJo Siwa, and unicorns!


As guests arrived, photos were taken in the photo booth with the birthday girl!   The photo booth was created by using a window back drop and placing different colors of paper ribbon in a pattern along with a Happy Birthday banner.   A basket of props with hats, masks, feather boas, etc. were available for the booth.   We used a Fuji Selfie Polaroid Camera with Fuji film with borders.  Following each birthday, my daughter loves to create a scrapbook with her polaroids.


We began the party with pizza, french fries, and pink punch, of course!    (Punch ingredients included, 1 Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Concentrate, 1 Bottle of Sprite, and several large scoops of Raspberry Sherbert.) 

Once the girlies were done eating, the DIY Bath Bomb station needed set-up, so the guests used a JoJo Siwa Playlist (on my YouTube that would just continuously play JoJo’s song videos) with two of our cordless microphones and had a little singing/dance party while they were waiting.

I used a recipe from Popular Science to create the Bombs along with a set I purchased from Amazon Prime that included circular molds, scents, wrappers, and then my own cookie sheets, which had a variety of shapes such as lips, castles, purses, etc.     All items were previously set-up and ready, but the first set of ingredients needed put together first, and then each girl was provided with 3 bowls to create different colors/scents of their choice prior to filling their mold.  This was my first time creating (I would normally try in advance but so close to the holidays, I was unable to find the time – always the best idea to try anything DIY in advance to be sure it works properly!), but it was a success!   We were so excited the next morning when our bath bombs came out!

Following bath bomb-making (which I was very impressed with the focus of 6 8-year-olds working so diligently to make awesome bath bombs), I provided a hot fudge sundae bar using a stacked server and clear cups with all kinds of candy, cookies, etc. to put on top of each sundae, along with hot fudge and whipped topping (missed a photo opportunity of this as everything was devoured instantly!).

To end our planned activities for the evening, the little ladies were asked to get into their pajamas, robes (asked in the invitation to bring along with sleeping bag), and flip-flops that were given as a favor (found Rainbow sparkle flip-flops from Gymboree for $3.97 each!).    Ladies went to do karaoke again in another room while two girls at a time were given a manicure and pedicure.

After a very fun-filled evening of activities, the ladies got snuggled into their sleeping bags for a late-night movie, popcorn, and EVENTUALLY sleep with eyes covered by their flip-sequin eye masks (found on Amazon)!

Our spa sleepover (and very first sleepover!) birthday was a success!



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